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Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs.

The Dragon is a mythical animal that is admired by the Chinese nation and called the ''king''. In China, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor or man, and it represents power.

Dragon people are usually ambitious and strong, never afraid of difficulties and hardships. They like to shoulder heavy loads and take on important responsibilities. They tend to be unrestrained, speak to the point, are honest, and seldom act with a mean spirit. They belong to the animal sign of success but are also arrogant and crave power. The Dragon prefers to live by their own rules, and if left on their own, they are usually successful.

Male Dragon Personality: Male Dragons are generally well-built, energetic, and always tireless and have ambitious goals and grand blueprints for the future. In case of emergency, they can keep a cool head, make decisions quickly, and act like a king. However, the unyielding Dragon men are sometimes overconfident and face-saving.

Female Dragon Personality: Female Dragons, with lofty ideals and a strong sense of responsibility, can work consciously for the benefit of others and do everything in a bold and resolute manner. They like to fight fiercely and indomitably and choose to go right to the end with what they have begun. Though talented and capable, they are usually in a passive position due to their proud and grandiose side.

Most everyone is drawn to the Dragon, since they are born to lead and are honest and trustworthy.

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