SOLD OUT ~ 5th Avenue Lariat (Gold) {Currently Unavailable}

SOLD OUT ~ 5th Avenue Lariat (Gold) {Currently Unavailable}


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THE 5th AVENUE LARIAT is bold and dramatic, and will definitely get some attention. A large circlular disc attached to gold Brittanium chain with both wafer and large freshwater pearls. Simply place the circle where you want it, wrap the chain around your neck and slide the ends thru the cirlce. Voila! Instant Fashionista!

Looks heavy, but it's suprisingly not... and very comfortable. Stays in place.

* Britannium gold, brass, and freshwater pearls.
* The circular disc is cast Britannium Gold which is American made pewter that is free of nickel, lead and cadmium. Gold plated items are double plated with 14k and very durable.
* The oval links chain is a brass base, and is plated in gold with an acrylic coating applied so that it remains as new.

CREDITS: Created by Kathy McNally for Studio Navarri
Design Credit and all materials by SpringStreetStudios (Etsy)